Spotting a Hidden Mixed Shifted Pungs

Figure 1

pung pung

Mixed Shifted Pungs is the pung equivalent of Mixed Shifted Chows. It is created by offset pungs as shown in Figure 1. Mixed Shifted Pungs scores 8 points, but it is a very difficult combination to complete.

Figure 2

In Figure 2, you have a pung of and pairs of and . You figure this is a nice opportunity to build Mixed Triple Pungs. But it’s not. The best discard is the . Now you can use or to build Mixed Shifted Chows or a Mixed Triple Chow. If you have a choice between Mixed Shifted Pungs and a chow-based combination, choose the latter: its chances of completion are almost always much higher.

When should you go for a Mixed Shifted Pungs? When you have plenty of pungs and pairs in your hand. Here’s the secret: do not make Mixed Shifted Pungs your primary goal. Go for All Pungs or some other combination, and if Mixed Shifted Pungs happens, then it’s your lucky day. If not, you still have options. Take Figure 3.

Figure 3

Whether your hand is concealed or exposed, you can go for All Pungs. If you pick another , you can go for All Types. If you pick another , you have the makings of Mixed Shifted Pungs. If you meld a pung of and then pick a third , Mixed Shifted Pungs is now guaranteed (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Both and complete Mixed Shifted Pungs


However, if you have the hand in Figure 3, and pick a or , you would be wise to instead build Mixed Triple Chows or All Types. This emphasizes the previous point: do not make Mixed Shifted Pungs your primary goal.

Figure 5


Figure 5 shows an interesting situation. If you meld a pung of you can complete Mixed Shifted Pungs. But you can also meld chows with to make ready on a two-chance Chicken Hand. Mixed Shifted Pungs does not mesh well with other combinations. For that very reason, your incomplete Mixed Shifted Pungs may be within close range of a completed Chicken Hand.

Figure 6

Pure Shifted Pungs

pung pung

Three offset pungs in the same suit is called Pure Shifted Pungs --- a more difficult version of Mixed Shifted Pungs that’s worth triple the points (24 pts.). But, like Mixed Shifted Pungs, Pure Triple Pungs is a very difficult combination. Again, do not make Pure Triple Pungs your primary goal.