Master the 64 and 88 point combinations

By far the most common 64-point combination is Little Three Dragons. Big Three Dragons scores 88 points. The scores for Little Four Winds (64 pts.) and Big Four Winds (88 pts.) are similarly related.

The next most common 64-point cobination is Four Concealed Pungs. All Honors is a very difficult combination but scores just 64 points. Perhaps this is because it easily combines with Little Three Dragons and Little Four Winds (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

pung pung pung

All Terminals and Pure Terminal Chows are also 64-point combinations. Both of them can be melded, so they are not as difficult as they may first appear (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

Example of melded Pure Terminal Chows

chow chow chow

Thirteen Orphans is the most common 88-point combination, and Seven Shifted Pairs is another which is realistically achievable. Four Kongs is worth 88 points, but is so rare that is hardly warrants mention. Another extremely rare 88-point combination is Nine Gates, which must be concealed, and must be completed as a 9-chance hand. The remaining 88-point combinations are All Green, Big Four Winds, and Big Three Dragons.

Figure 3

You must have a 9-chance hand to score for Nine Gates

This hand scores for Fully Concealed Hand (4 pts.) + Pure Flush (24 pts.) + Short Straight (1 pt.) + Terminal Pung (1 pt.)