First, look for Mixed Triple Chow

International Tournament Rules of mahjong require that you have at least 8 points to finish. Unlike some forms of the game, you cannot simply go out with the first four sets (and pair) that you manage to complete. Instead, you must deliberately build combinations that add up to 8 points. The International Rules emphasize building combinations over speed of finishing.

The easiest combination to build that meets the 8-point requirement is Mixed Triple Chow. If you have the pieces needed to build a Mixed Shifted Chow, don't hesitate to meld sets and finish as fast as you can.

Mixed Shifted Chows earns enough points (8) for you to go out without combining it with any other combinations. When you're first starting out, you can try concentrating on this combination.

Figure 1

In Figure 1, you have the makings of a 345 Mixed Shifted Chow. Start by discarding and . Take the quickest route to completion while preserving the pieces of your Mixed Shifted Chow. Now, let's assume you've reached the point shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

If you can meld chows with and , you'll be one tile away from making ready on Mixed Triple Chow. If you can make a pair of and discard , you'll make ready as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3


If you complete the hand with , you'll earn Mixed Triple Chow (8 pts.) + All Chows (2 pts.) for a total of 10 points.