Three Chows, Three Colors

Let's assume you're trying to build a 345 Mixed Triple Chow. You hold , but pick instead of . Or you hold , but pick instead of .

Well, there's nothing wrong with that, because you can go for a combination that is closely related to Mixed Triple Chow and scores just slightly less: Mixed Shifted Chows (6 pts.). This is the perfect backup plan for when your Mixed Triple Chow doesn't come through as you were hoping.

Figure 1

For example, in Figure 1, you can make ready on a Mixed Triple Chow if you pick or . But let's say you pick instead. You're Mixed Triple Chow failed, but you can discard and make ready on Mixed Shifted Chows (6 pts.) + All Chows (2 pts.) + Closed Wait (1 pt.) + Short Straight (1 pt.). This gives you enough points to go out on an opponent's discard (Figure 2).

Figure 2

You picked . You will lose two points, but you should shift to Mixed Shifted Chows.

Or, let's say you have the hand shown in Figure 1 but picked (Figure 3).

Figure 3

You picked . What should you discard?

With , you will complete Mixed Shifted Chows and have enough points to finish. But with a , you don't have enough points. Even if you pick the winning tile by yourself, you will only earn 7 points: Fully Concealed Hand (4 pts.) + All Chows (2 pts.) + Mixed Double Chow (1 pt.). So, what should you do? We recommend discarding . Now, you can go out using , which will give you Concealed Hand (2 pts.) + All Chows (2 pts.) + All Simples (2 pts.) + Mixed Double Chow (1 pt.) + Short Straight (1 pt.). Furthermore, if the player on your left discards , don't hesitate to meld a chow and discard : now you've guaranteed your Mixed Shifted Chows, and can go out on either or (picking yourself will also do fine: discard ).

Figure 4

A 2-chance hand: gives you Mixed Triple Chow, and gives you Mixed Shifted Chows.


Mixed Triple Chow and Mixed Shifted Chows are like siblings: Mixed Triple Chow is elder brother at 8 points, and Mixed Shifted Chows is younger at 6. Figure 4 shows a 2-chance hand that guarantees at least one combination or the other. One tile, , gives you Mixed Triple Chow, and another, , gives you Mixed Shifted Chows. It's a fairly rare instance of a 2-chance hand where each chance finished a different combination. With the bonus given to self-drawn hands, you're in an excellent position anytime you have a 2-chance or better hand.